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Learn how to deploy Abp vue application to any hosting provider.

Abp vue application built using Nuxt so it can be deployed on a Node.js server, pre-rendered for static hosting, or deployed to serverless or edge (CDN) environments.

Node.js Server

The ABP Vue application is constructed using Nuxt, thereby incorporating Nitro presets, which offer the following benefits:

  • By default, it utilizes the output format if none is specified or auto-detected, ensuring seamless functionality.
  • It selectively loads only the necessary chunks to render the request, optimizing cold start timing for enhanced efficiency.
  • These features make it particularly advantageous when deploying Nuxt applications to various Node.js hosting environments.

For more information about Nuxt deployment, We recommend you to read the official docs from Nuxt

The application is currently deployed on Vercel. For further information, please visit